Friday, 5 October 2018

Let Me Send Twenty Rupees More Please

A sardar mistakenly sent a hundred rupees balance to some one mobile phone, sardar then sent a message that dear brother I mistakenly sent hundred rupees balance to your mobile number please return it. Person replied that but I got seventy five rupees not hundred.
sardar replied Ah sorry let me send twenty rupees more please. 

Police officer to a person:- What is your mother tongue?
Person:- None
Police officer:- Why?
Person:- Because she was deaf 

Ten people were beating to a sardar but sardar still laughing. Some one asked why are you still laughing while we are beating

Sunday, 23 September 2018

What is different between complete and finish?

Wife: What is different between complete and finish? Please explain with example
Husband: Complete meaning is like you got me, It mean your life is complete and Finish meaning is like I got you, my life is finish

Police officer to sardar thief: Why you didn't think about your wife and daughter during stealing?
Thief: Yes I did, but there were only gents suites and dresses on shop

A sardar fell in river while he is sinking he catch a fish and throw fish to outside river saying "go and safe your life don't

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Why we call heart operation to bypass surgery?

Why we call heart operation to bypass surgery? 
Because if the surgery fails; person get "bye" otherwise "pass" that's why it is called bypass surgery

Girl: Your dress looking good to me
Boy: Thank you
Girl: Your hat looking nice to me 
Boy: Thank you
Girl: Your glass looking cool to me
Boy: Thank you
Girl: Still you looking not handsome

A master mistakenly sent one thousand mobile phone balance to wrong phone number instead of himself.He sent messages and called to that person but he did not respond. He tried hard but balance not recovered then he sent a message to that number:
"Congratulation you are selected in al qaida group as you accepted one thousand you are now member of our terrorist group and I believe you will be really happy to read this news

Saturday, 15 September 2018

A Kindhearted Women and A Small Question

Pappu: Father when mom sings why she close her eyes?
Father: Your mother is so kindhearted 
Pappo: How?
Father: Listening to her voice people get tortures and she can't see them

A small question:

If you walking and reached at some point, your bicycle got puncture, you are thinking to change your motorbike tyre and there are no shop for barber then how can you repair your shoes ?

Naughty boy (in telephonic conversation): Hello! do you have television in your home?

Girl: Yes I have but who are you?

Sunday, 9 September 2018

A Ship Was Sinking In The Sea

A person was a very forgetful. He has habit of forgetting the things. One day he woke up in Thursday and remembered that he had to go in feast on Wednesday. He got sad and quickly went to telephone and called on a phone number
"My dear I am very sorry (with shortness of breath). I am very ashamed that I could not come on Wednesday. I don't know how I forgot? Please accept my apology and invite me in another day I'll definitely come. Sorry once again"
There was few seconds silence in another side and then she spoke up that why are you regretted, Sorry for what? You were present in feast on Wednesday

A beggar asking money from a person: Please give me money, I have lost all my assets in fire accident. My money, home, clothes, furniture and all have been burned  

Person: But I want proof